Conference Programme

Day 1 - June 17, 2013

 Start  Finish  Duration  
13:30  14:00  30 min
Registration and coffee
14:00     Welcome keynote by Prof. Frank Bannister (Trinity College Dublin), "Taking the long view of the EU research on ICT and government"
14:10     Introduction by ATC
 16:00  100 min
Panel moderated by Phil Archer (W3C)
Collaborative governance: insights from the real world
What are the promises and the reality of ICT-enabled policy-making? 15 mins interventions with 5 mins Q&A
14:20     Emer Coleman, former Deputy Director of UK Government Digital Service
14:40     Tomislav Korman, Croatian Government, head of online communications department (presentation)
15:00     Alberto Cottica (University of Alicante), "Policy-Making powered by Networks" (presentation)
15:20     Andrew Weld-Moore (Facebook), "The people who matter to you"
15:40     Prof. Cathal Brugha (University College Dublin), "Public Governance Analytics" (presentation)
 16:20  20 min
Coffee break
16:20     David Osimo (Tech4i2): “Policy-Making 2.0 – The Crossover Roadmap” (presentation)
 18:00  80 min
Panel moderated by Gianluca Misuraca (JRC-IPTS)
The impact of ICT solutions for governance and policy modelling: tools in action
Demos of the current Policy-Making 2.0 projects. 15 mins each
16:40     Deirdre Lee (DERI, NUI Galway), "Puzzled by Policy? Effective citizen engagement for policy-making" (presentation)
16:55     Stefano Bragaglia (DISI - Department of Computer Science and Engineering University of Bologna),"ePolicy: Engineering the Policy-making Life Cycle" (presentation)
17:10     Nikos Dimakopoulos (ATC), "The virtual youth space" (presentation)
17:25     Prof. Yannis Charalabidis (University of the Aegean), "Policy Formulation and Validation through non-moderated crowd-sourcing" (presentation)
17:40     Gianluca Misuraca, Yannis Charalabidis, "Case Studies on specific ICT solutions for Policy Modelling" (presentation)
18:00     End of day 1

Day 2 - June 18, 2013

 Start  Finish  Duration  
9:00  9:30  30 min
Registration and coffee and pastries
9:30  11:10  100 min
Panel moderated by Prof. Petra Ahrweiler (University College Dublin)
Policy modeling: the state of the art, and future challenges
How can policy modeling concretely improve policy-making , and what is next?
15 minutes presentation with 5 minutes Q&A
9:30     Anna Carbone (Politecnico di Torino & ETH Zurich), "FuturICT: Global Participatory Computing for our Complex World" (presentation)
9:45     Prof. Igor Mayer (University of Delft), "Serious games for policy"
10:00     Prof. Eliot Rich (University of Albany), "Systems Thinking, System Dynamics, and Group Decision Support" (presentation)
10:15     Steven Bishop (University College London), "Global Systems Dynamics and Policy" (presentation)
10:30     Riccardo Onori (Sapienza University of Rome), "System Dynamics applications for policy modelling in the Defence sector" (presentation)
10:45     Megan Browne, David Mekkaoui (EU Community, Director of Operations), "From media to EU Community: 5 remaining challenges to generate better policy options" (presentation)
 11:20  20 min
Coffee break


    Keynote Miguel Gonzalez-Sancho (Member of Cabinet of European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes), "What policymakers have, and what they need" (presentation)
11:40     Presentation of the policy-making 2.0 applications from the prize participants (live or in video)
Chaired by Giulio Quaggiotto (UNDP) and Anthony Zacharzewski (The Democratic Society, UK) (presentation)

Crossover Policy Making 2.0 Prize Award

- Pathways 2050

- Ideascale SAVE

- Liquid Democracy

12:20     Prof. Yannis Charalabidis (University of the Aegean), "From Dublin to Samos: bringing forward the Crossover legacy" (presentation)

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