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 On the 12th and the 13th of July 2012 I took part at a Seminar on Social Games for Civic Engagement at the Social Innovation Park in Bilbao, which is an innovative European infrastructure aiming to identify, design and launch new large-scale / high impact approaches to emerging social needs. The seminar aimed to explore how online games could promote civic engagement for a different mindā€set, towards a sustainable and inclusive society yet still being cool and ‘addictive’. The seminar consisted in a two-days brainstorming gathering a group of stakeholders at a seminar to explore this question and its potential applications. The group will include video game designers, companies, scientists, users and civil society practitioners already involved in the field or interested in doing it.

During the seminar I have been able to disseminate the project CROSSOVER during a brief presentation and face to face interaction. A description of CROSSOVER will be embedded in the workshop report. 


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