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ICT is changing policy making. Technologies for  open data, opinion mining, collaboration, visualization, modelling and simulation promise to enable a more evidence-based and timely governance. Yet policy makers struggle to grasp the existing opportunities, also because of the lack of exchange between people developing and using such innovations, across countries, policy domains and scientific disciplines. In this context, the project CROSSOVER project (, co-funded by the European Commission, aims to consolidate and expand the existing community on ICT for Governance and Policy Modelling by:

Reaching out and raising the awareness of non-experts and potential users, with special regard to high-level policy-makers and policy advisors, clarifying demand driven research needs and policy recommendations Establishing the scientific basis for long-lasting interest and commitment to next generation policy-making

In order to increase the project impact the consortium will engage the services of specialized communications professionals on the theme of ICT for governance and policy modeling.

The main task of the communication specialist will be to:

  • Disseminate project results to policy makers / practitioners by using various channels;
  • Write periodical entries in the cases and news section of the website, at least one per week up to a maximum of 35 entries
  • Use the results and content produced by the consortium and produce content which will be attractive, plentiful based on simple messages, engaging and accessible to the targeted audience
  • Use and publish messages in CROSSOVER Twitter and LinkedIn channels

The task should be carried out between the period 1st of September, 2012 and 31st of March 2013.

In exchange for the contribution to the project activities, the communication specialist will receive a lump sum of 10.000 EURO.

Submission Guidelines:

The candidates are required to submit a short proposal of activities , a list of credentials and a representative piece of work in PDF format, to be submitted via e-mail to

The submissions will be evaluated in a collegial way by the member of the Consortium on the basis of the criteria of quantity (number of articles) and quality (relevance and attractiveness of the representative piece of work) .

Important Dates:

Deadline for submissions: 23rd of August 2012

Announcement of results: 30th of August 2012

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