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 EU research roadmap opens the way to better, more open policy-making

At a time where the world global economy relies on the quality of judgement of policy-makers, technology offers a fundamental tool for designing more effective and more accountable policies.

Opinion-mining software is used by the US department of Fisheries to processes hundreds of thousands of comments to the proposed legislation in a few days. The Agricultural Production and Externalities Simulator (APES) allows comparing the impact of alternative agricultural and environmental policy options, and choosing the one most in line with the objectives. The UK government publishes all its expenditure as open linked data to enable better public scrutiny and improve public spending. Advanced algorithms based on big data can allow health services to improve their planning by predicting the number of hospitalizations, using anonymized historical claims data.

These are just some of the examples and technologies analyzed by the CROSSOVER Global Research Roadmap, published this summer. The roadmap illustrates how new tools and methodologies can help improving public policies; it illustrates real life case studies and identifies the key research challenges for the future research programmes. In this context, it aims to stimulate long-lasting interest and commitment to next generation policy making, as well as to provide a clear outline of what technologies are now available for policy makers, and what could become available in the future. The research roadmap is already being used in the context of the UN Development Programme in Europe and CIS, and of the Digital Agenda for Europe.

CROSSOVER is a project, co-founded by the European Commission 7th Framework Programme WP-ICT-2011-2012 under the objective 5.6 "ICT solutions for governance and policy modeling". CROSSOVER started in October 2011 and will last 18 months.

The CROSSOVER Research Roadmap can be downloaded through CROSSOVER website. More details of the major research challenges regarding ICT for governance and policy modeling are included in separate sections of the Roadmap, which are presented in a commentable format. Readers are encouraged to post comments on each section, as well as general comments on next-generation policy making. They are also able to download the Roadmap after answering a short survey on the needs of policy makers.

The survey has been launched at the beginning of August 2012 and will last until the end of the project. The results will be made available in the project website and presented at the final project conference.


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