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What is Civic Evolution?

Civic Evolution is an online community engagement tool, which helps citizens create community-written proposals in order to make constructive change. The tool was created by Practical Evolution, who are based in San Francisco. They believe meaningful change must come from the grassroots of a community.

Civic Evolution aims to complement face-to-face citizen engagement by providing an online space that is accessible to everyone. The engagement tool encourages people to solve their own community problems by providing a platform for them to do this. By creating a unique online space, communities are able to maximise the number of people involved and get everyone participating in decisions that affect them.

Why use Civic Evolution?

Community engagement and activism are often lead by a small number of citizens. It can be difficult to engage members of a community; people have busy lives and other commitments meaning they don’t always have the time to commit to community activism.

Civic Evolution aims to bridge that gap by providing an easy way for people to participate and share their thoughts. It also provides community leaders and decision-makers a platform to listen and collaborate, as well as give them access to quality data about their community.

What can it achieve?

Civic Evolution enables communities to create community-led proposals that lead to constructive change within their community. Handing democracy back to the community enables meaningful change and allows decisions to be made by the people that will be affected.

How does it work?

By providing clear guidelines for a proposal, Civic Evolution makes the process of community activism much simpler. When a proposal for change is added, Civic Evolution guides the process by using questions as prompts. It asks what the proposal is about, why it is needed, how it can be achieved and where it will happen.

Talking points around each of these questions can be created to engage community members in discussion. Ideas and discussions raised in these talking points can be rated by the community in order to see how people feel about a specific issue. Civic Evolution highlights the popular talking points to allow a community to see what the most important issues are. All of this information can then be collated to create a detailed proposal that decision-makers can then review and negotiate.

What is the impact?

Engaging people in ways they want to be engaged is crucial for successful community activism. Allowing people to contribute their thoughts and participate at a level that suits them, will allow more people within a community to feel they want to participate. Civic Evolution makes the process of proposing change far easier and will allow for more successful outcomes within a community.



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