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Social media, open data, and ICT-based forms of public participation, transparency and accountability hold promise for improving democratic processes and tackling intractable societal problems. These trends are producing more sources, kinds, and amounts of information to support public interactions and policy decisions.

However, these same technological and data-driven forces are challenging traditional forms of governance, policy analysis, and service design. To address these challenges, we need a new kind of collaboration between research and practice and across academic disciplines.

The goal of this session, organized by the Crossover/eGovPoliNet Consortium, sponsored by the European Commission FP7 research program, is to exchange current practices and experiences using ICT solutions for governance and policy modeling between developed and developing countries. In addition, we will explore the opportunities and challenges for developing and engaging a robust community of policy makers, researchers, practitioners working in policy development and e-government domains.

For more information on the description of the joint session and the short bios of the panelists click here

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