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1. I am working to propose the idea of Policy Making 2.0 in cooperation with the Consiglio regionale del Piemonte (Piedmont is the region of Torino, where my University is located. The Regional Council is a Council of elected representatives, having the roles of: nomination and control of regional Ministers; legislative activity; some high level competences in the administration of public activities.

I obtained, a few years ago, a regional grant to study the interrelations between ICT and Law, with many other colleagues of the University of Torino and of the University of Easter Piedmont Amedeo Avogadro (my competence there was about the construction of agent-based simulation tools to be applied to norm and law evaluation).

As a result of those researches, we can contribute to create agent-based simulation models of concrete situation, to be used also on line, both for policy makers and for citizens who want to interact with them.


2. An example related to the textile district of Piedmond, that of Biella, where huge socio-economic changes have dramatically modified the scenario. The idea of building a model to help decisions and citizens’ evaluations and proposals , come from a great friend of mine, Antonio Sandri, actively engaged in the social field as a pro-bono activity.

At you have a presentation and the link to download the file to be used in NetLogo: the model intensively uses the GIS embedded tool, within an agent-based model of the whole population of the district.

The simulator has been created by Emilio Sulis, a sociologist now enrolled as PhD student in the University of Torino (in the field of computer science), with my cooperation.

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