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The CROSSOVER project consortium  seeks to appoint up to 20.000€ to a subcontractor that will organize a conference on “State-of-the-art policy making in the EU”, to take place in Brussels around the 20th of March 2013. The attendance targeted is in the order of 150 persons. The conference should be marketed as an opportunity to bring together researchers and practitioners from all over the world, to  exchange  knowledge and lessons learnt, and define together the future steps in policy modeling. The conference should aim to: 
  • spread the awareness around policy modeling
  • highlight inspiring examples
  • identify challenges
  • define actions

 This will also include the organization of an open competition for the best implementation of ICT for governance and policy modeling. Terms to be made available by end of February 2013.

 The subcontractor will have to deal with the following:

  • Propose the venue after receiving at least three offers from suitable venues in central Brussels
  • Finalize the agenda. (draft to be available upon request)
  • Bear all costs for necessary expenses (catering, video, photographer, minutes etc.)
  • Bear the travel and accommodations costs and make the arrangements for 3 invited speakers. (2 European + 1 US Travel, overall 4 nights at suitable hotel)
  • Publicize the event (press releases, live streaming, social media)
  • Examine potential sponsorship

 Any recommendations for additional activities will be welcome.

 If you are interested please send your offer detailing your relevant experience and a general breakdown of the costs you foresee at until 8 February 2013.


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