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Last month, Crossover representative Francesco Mureddu participated in a Masters of Networks workshop. The workshop brought together cutting edge policy makers and network scientists in a bid to devise new ways of tackling public policy problems. An innovative experiment, Masters of Networks, took two groups of people and asked them to collaborate in order to share their knowledge and experience in the hope of reaching new and unchartered strategies.

The premise behind the workshop centred on innovation that inadvertently leads to undesirable effects and whether it’s possible to imbue innovation activities with values that could prevent or mitigate these effects. Policy makers are constantly designing for emergent effects and as a result have an equipped toolbox that network scientists lack. However, many public policy problems involve information flow that could lend itself to being looked at in terms of networks.

The result was interesting. Many discussions were had around both policy and networks and both groups left feeling they had contributed extensively and gained much information that could benefit them back in their own environment.

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