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Crossover delegate Dr Gianluca Misuraca, Senior Scientist at the European Commission JRC-IPTS, was recently invited to a workshop in Dublin which aimed to explore the impact of ICT solutions for governance and policy modelling.

Held on the 19th February 2013 at the School of Business of the University College Dublin, the public lecture was attended by approximately 25 participants. This audience was made up of mainly professors and senior researchers from a variety of disciplines including business intelligence, data analytics, economics, information systems, geographic information systems, management of technology, urban planning as well as those from the private sector. Whilst most of the participants were mainly from Ireland, other nationalities were also represented including Hungary, Italy, Serbia and the USA.

Dr Misuraca presented both the Crossover project and roadmap to the group and went on to present the findings from an in depth case study that explored the impact of ICT solutions for governance and policy modelling. The lecture was received well and was followed by a discussion about possible collaboration and contribution to the Crossover project.

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