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Crossover representative, Andrea Bassi, will be delivering a webinar on April 26th 2013 to discuss the future of energy policy.

The online seminar will discuss the rationale for adopting an integrated approach to the formulation and evaluation of energy policy based on available data and simulation models.

As highlighted in the Crossover Project, there is a growing interconnectedness between society, economy and the environment. In this session Bassi will highlight the importance of evaluating the impact the energy sector has on other sectors and what indicators can help achieve this. Issues such as policy impacts on emissions and the contribution to job creation will be explored as well as some of the unintended consequences of policy and how these can be addressed.

In particular Bassi will look at some of the systematic methods that can be introduced including the power of integrating ICT tools into governance and policy making.

The webinar will take place at 4pm-5pm on Friday 26th April 2013

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