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A New Roadmap for Next-Generation Policy-Making In the last thirty years the role of the government has moved consistently away from services provision to regulation. Society and economy has become more interconnected, unstable and unpredictable than ever, and citizens are keener to engage ...

Position paper: Including all audiences in the government loop: From transparency to empowerment through open government data
2012 | Author: undefined
Domain: Public Policy Domain
This paper provides examples of what new government data is being used for. In the light of a more global context and the lagging of most nations in the area of OGD, the paper also suggests other possible global uses of OGD, including ...

Opening up government data - not if, but when « Voices from Eurasia
2012 | Author: undefined
Abstract Live-tweeting from a conference several weeks ago, we realized first hand that this wasn’t just an exercise in opening up a dialogue to all who weren’t in the room with the help of the internet, but it was a useful way to get more input and ...

2005 | Author: undefined
The question can be raised whether the principal effect of interactive policy development is to shore up a (creaking) democratic system or to destabilize its very foundations. In this article, a framework is presented for assessing the democratic ...

Futurlab - The Future Of Serious Games
2008 | Author: undefined
Domain: Private areas of applications , Public Policy Domain
Games that provide players with opportunities to learn and understand complex situations or different points of view have emerged as a distinct subset of videogames.

2012 | Author: Meadows Donella
Domain: Pollution abatement
When President Clinton announced that he was sending $100 million so Texans suffering from the heat could buy air conditioners, one of my Dartmouth colleagues turned the news into a classroom quiz. What's wrong with this policy? It was an ...

Strategies to Improve Freight Railroad Performance
1999 | Author: Homer Jack
Domain: Organisation & ICT
An SD model was developed to assist the company in strategic planning. Freight railroads in the US in the late 1990s had chronic problems with on-time service performance, which, in turn, generate costs and tie up capacity. When capacity is already ...
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Madrid Participa
20 Dec 2012
Domain: General services
The Madrid Participa project is a highly efficient instrument used to increase citizen participation in the decision-making process in the city of Madrid, offering a more ...
Crowdsourcing Through Social Media-The Icelandic Constitution Case After parliamentary discussions the former Minister of Social Affairs and Social Security, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir of the Social Democratic Alliance, was chosen as the new ...
Directorate of Citizen Participation (DCP) of the City Council of Madrid
20 Dec 2012
Directorate of Citizen Participation (DCP) of the City Council of Madrid
Iceland Constitutional Council
20 Dec 2012
Iceland Constitutional Council
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