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Workshop: “Access to Information and Open Government Data in Africa"
2012 | Author: undefined
Domain: Public Policy Domain
The workshop has been organized by the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the Access Initiative (TAI). The workshop provided an opportunity for WRI to share preliminary findings highlighting the importance of proactively released government data, ...

HealthDataInitiative Forum - The Health Datapalooza
2012 | Author: undefined
Domain: Health n.e.c.
Case of data-intensive policy making Description HDI Forum III: The Health Datapalooza promises to bring together a diverse group of data experts, technology developers, entrepreneurs, policy makers, health care system leaders, CIOs, CTOs, and ...

2011 | Author: undefined
The project PARTERRE (Electronic Participation Tools for Spatial Planning and Territorial Development) aims to demonstrate e validate the business potential of novel e-participatory methods and tools for spatial and strategic planning at the European ...

Press; CTG Hosted Open Government Research and Development Agenda Setting Workshop
2011 | Author: undefined
The Center for Technology in Government at the University at Albany – SUNY was host to a two-day workshop to outline a research and development agenda focused on the use of government data to improve the lives of citizens. CTG partnered with the ...

ICT for Governance and Policy Modelling Consultation Workshop (FP7) | Europa - Information Society
2011 | Author: undefined
Workshop on development of agent-based models for the global economy and its markets (1 October 2010, Brussels)

Integrating Spatial Behavioral Ecology in Agent-Based Models for Species Conservation Anthropogenic activities are causing highly influential impacts on species persistence. The sustained environmental change wildlife are experiencing may surpass the capacity of developmental, genetic, and demographic mechanisms that populations ...

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Madrid Participa
20 Dec 2012
Domain: General services
The Madrid Participa project is a highly efficient instrument used to increase citizen participation in the decision-making process in the city of Madrid, offering a more ...
Crowdsourcing Through Social Media-The Icelandic Constitution Case After parliamentary discussions the former Minister of Social Affairs and Social Security, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir of the Social Democratic Alliance, was chosen as the new ...
Directorate of Citizen Participation (DCP) of the City Council of Madrid
20 Dec 2012
Directorate of Citizen Participation (DCP) of the City Council of Madrid
Iceland Constitutional Council
20 Dec 2012
Iceland Constitutional Council
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