Transatlantic Research on Policy Modeling

Call for Abstracts

We welcome papers that comment on the CROSSOVER Roadmap as well as descriptions of concrete applications and policy analysis case studies. Policy makers and their staff are not required to submit a paper. Application for attendance and possible invitations will be evaluated on an individual basis to ensure the highest possible quality of the event. It is anticipated that PDF will be the only format accepted for papers. The papers submitted should not have been submitted for review or consideration to any journal and/or conference.

All papers will be made available at the workshop and on the CROSSOVER Project websites. The workshop website will be public, so research papers and slides must be suitable for public dissemination. Speaker slides will also be available on the website after the workshop. Printed proceedings will not be provided.

Topics of Interest

The main topics of interest for the envisioned workshop contributions include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Qualitative and quantitative tools and techniques in support of decision making
    • Public policy analysis applications, methods and models
    • Investment assessment applications, methods and models
  • Quantitative tools and different geographical scopes
    • Macro modeling frameworks
    • Spatially disaggregated models for policy planning
  • Setting the vision and group model building
    • Scenarios and group model building
  • Models for policy formulation, evaluation and monitoring
    • Capital investment
    • Incentives (e.g., subsidies)
    • Mandates
    • Behavioral changes
  • Making experimentation with models (policy formulation and evaluation) available to non-modelers
    • The role of ICT-enabled models
    • The issues:
      • model integration/composition/re-use,
      • cooperative modeling,
      • the problem of reliable data: myth or truth?
      • model validation,
      • interactive/immersive simulation,
      • output analysis and knowledge synthesis
      • model reporting and dissemination of results
    • Examples of best-practice applications of ICT-enabled models for policy impact analysis

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